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Beating the Christmas Shopping Blues with an Online Loan

Most of us dread holiday shopping, but not for reasons you may think. While most people dread the hassles that come from finding parking, navigating the crowded stores, or fighting for the last toy on the shelf – many simply wonder how they are going to pay for it all. That’s where Eastside Lenders can help. They can ease your burden and relieve any stress you are feeling, which will allow you to spend this time joyously celebrating with friends and family. Representatives at Eastside Lenders know how hard it is to get through the holidays without a credit card or savings account to your name.

Smart Shopping on a Budget

Holiday shoppers with a generous budget need not pay as much attention to their spending habits when buying gifts for family. For the rest of us, setting a budget and sticking to it is the only way to survive holiday shopping. Thankfully, Eastside Lenders can provide additional financial support to struggling individuals and families who don’t have credit to fall back on when gift-giving this year. With a payday loan of up to $700 or more combined with smart shopping, you may find the holidays less of a burden.

Financial Help this Holiday Season

Consumers have many places they can turn for financial help this time of year, but only one option doesn’t require good credit or any collateral to receive loan funds. You may have bad credit or no credit at all, but you can still be approved for a payday loan and have the money in your checking account in as little as 24 hours. Use the money to finish your holiday shopping or to pay your other bills. Eastside Lenders doesn’t care how you spend it, as long as you can pay it back when you receive your next paycheck.

How a Payday Loan Works

Cash advances and payday loans work differently than personal or vehicle title loans. The purpose of receiving a loan online through Eastside Lenders is to provide you with buying power when you run short in between paychecks. Living from one payday to another is hard – but it’s near impossible when the holiday season is upon us. For a fee, which will be disclosed after you submit your application, you will receive a direct deposit into your checking account of up to a maximum of $1,000. The amount offered will depend on your reported income and other application details.

Renewing or Extending your Loan


The great thing about a payday loan from Eastside Lenders is the flexibility they can provide if you are once again short when your next payday arrives. When it rains, it pours – and the lending advisors know it can be difficult to catch up from a devastating financial setback. Therefore, Eastside Lenders has the discretion to extend your payment due date if you agree to pay the finance charge. If you need to renew your loan and carry it over one more pay period that can also be arranged.


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Eastside Lenders Testimonials!

When you borrow money, it is important that you research the company you are taking the loan from to understand whether that company is reliable and customer service oriented. East Side Lenders has a long history in the payday loan business of being easy to work with, fair and honest about fees, and caring about their customers. Online testimonials from satisfied borrowers can provide customers of East Side Lenders with reassurance that they are making a wise choice when they turn to East Side Lenders to provide them with the financial help they need.

Payday Loan Testimonials
Because the payday loan industry is sometimes viewed negatively, many people are scared of taking out a payday loan. The reality, however, is that when a payday loan is used properly and when the money is borrowed from a reliable and legitimate company, payday loans can be a good thing. Online testimonials can help you to make sure that the company you are choosing for your payday loan is legitimate so you can benefit from the advantages of a payday loan while avoiding some of the risks and disadvantages that give some lenders in the industry a bad rep.

One major benefit of taking out a payday loan is that payday loans are easier to qualify for than most other types of loans. This allows for even those with bad credit scores on their record to borrow money when they need it.

Another major benefit is that payday loans can be obtained quickly. Instead of going through a long application process, with a customer-oriented company like East Side Lenders, you can have your money as quickly as the next business day after you apply. When you are in need of fast cash to handle emergencies or expenses that you simply do not have the money for, having a quick and reliable source of money is invaluable. When looking for testimonials or information about a company, it is important you consider how fast you can access the money when you need it. Since many payday loans can help in times of crisis, speed is often paramount in choosing your payday loan company. Satisfied East Side Lenders customers know that they will have their cash when they need it.

When you are reading payday loan testimonials, this means you should look for things such as details about whether the money the company lent was sent quickly so that it could be used to meet the customer’s needs. You should also look for details about whether the company cares about its customers and is honest and up front with them. When considering a payday loan company, if there are no testimonials available from satisfied customers, you should ask yourself why.

A reliable payday loan company like East Side Lenders has testimonials on its website from satisfied customers. Reliable companies provide details about fees and costs, explain the application process up front and help customers to get the money they need quickly. When it comes to your finances and your loan, you owe it to yourself to find a reliable company that will get you the money you need.

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East Side Lenders would like to share this article about Obama’s plan to cut the national debt by almost three trillion dollars. Very interesting read! Check out the article below!

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — President Obama will unveil a plan on Monday to cut the national debt by roughly $3 trillion over the next decade.

Obama’s plan reflects his vision for how best to put the country on a more fiscally sustainable course, so it is different in nature than the kind of legislative compromise he was trying to broker this summer during the debt-ceiling debate, a senior administration official said.

A driving principle behind the proposal is that high-income individuals and corporations should pay more in taxes than they do currently so that they will bear some of the burden of debt reduction going forward.

Indeed, in remarks on Monday morning, the president will make clear he’ll veto any debt-reduction legislation that takes “one dime away from Medicare benefits without asking the wealthy to pay their fair share,” the official said.

Obama will even introduce the “Buffett Rule” for millionaires — named after investor Warren Buffett, who has frequently argued that the very rich are not taxed enough.

The president’s debt reduction proposal is likely to placate — at least a little — those in his Democratic base who have been adamant that they want the rich to pay more and they don’t want Medicare or Social Security benefits hit. (Read: National debt: What you need to know)

The White House said last week the president’s plan will not include any Social Security reform proposals. And another senior administration official noted Sunday that the plan will not call for raising the Medicare eligibility age, which fiscal experts have recommended.

But the Obama plan is unlikely to draw much support from Republicans, who have been adamant about not wanting to raise anyone’s taxes. (Read: Where left and right actually agree)

The plan Obama will release includes some $3 trillion in savings on top of the approximately $1 trillion called for under the debt ceiling deal enacted in August.

Of that, however, close to $500 billion would have to be used to pay for the American Jobs Act, which Obama proposed last week. (Read: Cutting now could hurt economy, CBO says)

Read the rest of the article here.
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East Side Lenders Explains Payday Loans

How Does a Payday Loan Work?
While most people have heard of the concept of payday loans, there are many who are unable to answer the question of just how does a payday loan work. Eastside Lenders wants to ensure that clients and customers understand what the purpose of payday loans is and how payday loans work. Payday loans provide a good financial option for people in certain situations, but a basic understanding of the process is essential to making a wise choice about when to take on a payday loan.

How Does a Payday Loan Work?
Each payday loan company is different, so there may be some variation in exactly how a payday loan works. With East Side Lenders, for example, it is possible to apply for a payday loan online from the comfort of your own home by visiting the user friendly website. East Side Lenders will also give you a decision on your loan instantly and can deposit the money as soon as the next business day after a simple phone verification. With other lenders, however, there may be no option to take loans online or the time period and application process may be different.
In general, however, while there are some differences from company to company, taking on a payday loan involves several basic steps:
• You must apply for a loan. Be sure to choose a reliable company like East Side Lenders, with many years in the business and a focus on customer satisfaction.
• You must prove your income. While East Side Lenders does check your credit when applying, the most important determining factor in getting a payday loan is that can prove you have a steady and reliable source of income. Those with verifiable income can qualify in most cases, even with bad credit.
• You will be approved to borrow a set amount. East Side Lenders will lend up to $1,000 to qualified customers.
• Verification will take place, including income and employment verification.
• The money that you were approved to borrow in the payday loan will be direct deposited in your bank account or otherwise delivered to you, usually within a very short period of time.
• When your next payday comes, you will need to repay the money that you borrowed, along with costs from loan fees. East Side Lenders explains all fees up front so there will be no surprises about the money that is due when you repay your loan. Further, a VIP program is also available to repeat customers allowing you to save as much as $75 on loan payments.

If you are not able to repay your money when your paycheck comes, you have the option of renewing your loan to give you more time to repay. This makes payday loans a flexible and versatile option that you can use to get you through financial rough patches.

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Stocks rally in wake of hurricane

Operating on the east coast, East Side Lenders can safely say that hurricane Irene was not what many people expected. The stock market’s improvements the following day were also quite surprising. Read the following article from CNN.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A stock rally gained momentum midday Monday, following a trifecta of positive news: A Greek bank deal, a solid U.S. consumer spending report, and relief that Hurricane Irene caused less damage than expected.

“Irene didn’t live up to the hype, and that’s a huge relief,” said Hamed Khorsand, analyst at BWF Financial. “It’s good for insurers, but it really comes down to the broader economy. Consumers can keep going with their regular spending habits instead of being sidetracked.”

The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) added 214 points, or 1.9%, the S&P 500 (SPX) rose 27 points, or 2.3%, and the Nasdaq Composite (COMP) gained 66 points, or 2.7%.

Despite the recent strength — stocks staged a solid advance last week — the major indexes are still in the red for the year.

In fact, August is still on track to be the worst month for stocks in more than a year. The Dow is off more than 5%, the S&P 500 is down almost 7% and the Nasdaq is nearly 8% lower.

Trading volume is expected to remain light Monday as the New York subway system and commuter rail services slowly return to full service.

With less than three hours remaining in the session, 310 million shares changed hands on the New York Stock Exchange. Last week, an average of 425 million shares were traded during the same time period.

With the weather story behind them, investors turned their attention to assessing the impact of Hurricane Irene, which was less dire than feared.

Read the rest of the article here.

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